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We’ve bundled our Level 1 “Mobility” Training System with our Level 2 “Stability” Training System to offer our clients a roadmap to self-recovery and a pain free life. We call it our "Total Pain Management Training System". Our PKT Total Pain Management package comes complete with 16 techniques, 16 neuro-strengthening modifiers, and 16 graded exposure movements, used to strengthen your brain to body connection. These clinically tested routines are guaranteed to give clients the opportunity to permanently remove the fear of pain from movement, as well as self-correct serious chronic dysfunctions (Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Foot Pain, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Dowagers Hump, Piriformis, TMJ, Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome, and more) many of us deal with on a daily basis due to improper reflexive adaptations and overall movement issues that stem from the sedentary lives we live.
Use this level to stay out of pain and correct your poor posture.

This package includes all equipment shown, unlimited digital online access to Levels 1 &2, and a PKT workbook for each level, for a total of 16 unique, guided movements with optional intensity modifiers and stretches.

Pain Management Training (Level 1+2)

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