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About Us...

Scott Doss

In 2006, Scott discovered massage and was instantly struck by how amazing it felt. He promptly started his massage schooling while living in Boston. After graduation from a two year program in 2008, and armed with a desire to help people find a pain-free way of life, he got his start at a local physical therapy office. 

     Later In 2013, he moved to Atlanta and found opportunity working with private clients part-time from his home. With more and more clients presenting with a wider range of issues, he continued to look for types of massage that were more effective.  This eventually led to the osteopath-based work of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) and the brain-based movement therapy of Physiokinetix (PKT) that he incorporates today. Each of these modalities uses assessments to determine where and how to work, then involves the moving of joints, toning of weak muscles and relaxing or stretching of overly tight muscles. Clients with postural tension from work, compensations from injuries or disability, and athletes tend to benefit most from these sessions.

    With a mission to provide excellence in massage where motivation, education and therapy are in alignment, he officially started Scott Doss Wellness in 2018 as a way to advance awareness of therapeutic bodywork and its benefits. 

Scott Doss Wellness is owned and operated by Scott Oglesbay (GA LMT#9989)


Gina Grana

Gina is a graduate from the University of North Georgia with over 3 years experience as a Sports Massage Therapist. After witnessing the chronic pain that her mother endured from several unresolved medical issues, which ultimately led to her death In 2016, Gina was moved to help others in pain. She felt passionately about facilitating healing in people through therapeutic touch and education about their bodies. Gina began her journey in therapeutic healing by pursuing a license in Massage Therapy. It was while obtaining her license that she developed an interest in incorporating Stretch Therapy, since it is a modality that is applicable on a daily basis. A this time Gina is extensively studying Tom Myers' Facial Anatomy Trains as well as taking Erik Dalton's Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy courses. She is planning on pursuing her Fascial Stretch Therapy™ Level 2 certification as well as Neuromuscular Therapy™ (NMT) certification in the future. Her goal is to incorporate as many modalities as possible to help her clients be pain free and move better.

(GA LMT#12942)

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