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As a therapeutic massage practice, safety is a top priority for me and my clients. I work with a wide variety of clientele, some of whom have pre-existing health conditions, which is why I have always incorporated safe, hygienic protocols into my system. This is how I have always operated and in response to COVID-19 concerns, I would like to reassure everyone of the care I put into the safety of my clients by listing my standard measures as well as additional measures I am taking during this time:


Standard actions: 

  • Wash arms thoroughly up to elbow with antibacterial soap before each client

  • Take full health history of each client

  • Sanitize small lotion bottles, keep bulk supply separate 


New additional actions: 

  • In-room medical-grade HEPA air purification system

  • The therapist will always wear a mask. It is optional for vaccinated/boosted clients to wear masks

  • Turn away clients showing symptoms of any communicable infection

  • No charge of cancellation fee if client cancels due to illness

  • Regular disinfecting of all surfaces and door knobs

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