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In our first level of PhysioKinetix you will work on a progressive, restorative, and functional approach to correcting your weak strain patterns that affect the human body and cause serious dysfunction or pain. We will systematically begin to remove the fear of pain from movement, while building a stronger brain/body connection through quality repetition patterns. Also, we will slow down the aging process by preventing joint degeneration through proper fitness techniques. When you finish Mobility Training you will understand the fundamentals of primal movement, how to prevent serious movement related injuries from occurring, and how to correct dysfunctions from becoming present in your body, regardless of age, skill level, or current physical condition. Mobility Training is the initial building block to learning how to develop “Movement For Life” and living a pain free, high functioning life. Welcome to Level 1 Mobility Training.

This package includes all equipment shown, unlimited digital online access to Level 1, and a PKT workbook with 8 unique, guided movements with optional intensity modifiers and stretches.

Mobility Training (Level 1)

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