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Our PhysioKinetix Complete “Move For Life” Training System has been created with everyone in the world in mind. We know that’s a large claim, but hear us out. No matter what you do in your everyday life, you use your body to accomplish your everyday tasks. Whether you're a child, adult, elderly, a business professional, hobbyist, weekend warrior, pro athlete, etc, we all rely on movement to accomplish our goals. Each day, everyone in the world finds themselves in a never ending cycle of Use our body/Fix our body/Maintain our body. PhysioKinetix understands this, and utilized this basis to create our system. Which is why our ultimate goal is to eliminate the severity and length of time you spend in those “fix” stages. We accomplish this through a progressive brain/body approach, proper functional biomechanics, and appropriate neurologic cross-patterning techniques. When used systematically, this program will give you the tools develop more mobility, better balance, added power, and uncapped performance for every individual in all 3 planes of motion.


This package includes all equipment shown, unlimited digital online access to Levels 1-4, and a PKT workbook for each level, for a total of 32 unique, guided movements with optional intensity modifiers and stretches.

Complete Training (Level 1-4)

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