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Our Total Endurance Training System is a culmination of the first 3 Levels in our PhysioKinetix line (Mobility/Stability/Power), created for healthy, active, mobile individuals to further refine your fitness needs. Endurance Training users are just as serious about performance as they are about keeping themselves injury free. That is why we’ve included the first 2 levels in our PKT Training System with our third level, “Power” Training. To provide mobile/stable individuals with an opportunity to add power to their frame progressively, while still providing a roadmap to recovery and pain free living. The ultimate goal of Total Endurance Training is to strengthen our entire neuromuscular systems, while keeping ourselves injury and pain free in the process. We accomplish this by utilizing proper cross-patterning in all 3 planes of motion, providing cardiorespiratory fitness, increasing our metabolic response, and restoring reflexive/balance relationships inside of our body. Level 3 Training is the perfect package for fitness aficionados, and a great way to continue to correctly “Move For Life” with us The PKT Way!


This package includes all equipment shown, unlimited digital online access to Levels 1-3, and a PKT workbook for each level, for a total of 24 unique, guided movements with optional intensity modifiers and stretches.

Endurance Training (Level 1-3)

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